With All My Solitude

As dawn was crawling over the window pane,

it called to the crouching sun

waiting in the corner of the sky.


Then, you came through a misty patch

and illuminated my shadow.


You came from the sound of water,

remnants of darkness,

remains of a full moon frenzy,

ruins of a slain-tree forest,

and the ecstasy of a red grape season.


All voices became your voice

and all names your name.


You became the depth of farther seas

shelter of a wayward star

and spoke in every prophet’s language.


You became the dream of a saffron moon,

and the mirage of a sand- buried desert.


From the moment of yellow roses

till the moments of winter pearls

you gently filled my solitude. 

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014