The Word in Desert

There were three suns

of the desert, of the sea

and sun of the mountain


The son of the man

wandered vehemently under the suns

and remained in silence

until he heard the whisper

‘the word in desert.’


The word became life, life promised death

and death promised after life

and he, the son of man fell into a circle

and whichever way he turned

the circle remained behind him.

With a flower he breathed scents of Spring

with ocean water he cultivated the land

and through many whispers he kept the balance.

He watched farther

and learned that to ‘believe is to suffer’

and sinking into enlightenment

carries more suffering.


The final answer, he found out

with horror, was that all interludes of life

were stalked by the barbarous death

and solitude was a problem. 

The son of man, still under three suns

watched pensively through his desert eyes

and decided not to ask the way from the dead

He learned that love was the word

love was perfection in imperfection

and love was the ultimate whisper.


The desert remained by itself

the word remained with the man

and the man remained by hiself.

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014