The Horror of The Last Man

“until fire and rose were one”  -T.S. Elliot


Some kind of Metamorphosis

took place and materials, height and depth

shrank into another dimensions

winds remained in the leaves

sighs became the breeze

butterflies dried through their flights

those who had not seen the mountains

tried to climb, and the ones who were on the top

sled down the steep valleys

The last man on earth hung

from a falling universe with his solitude

saw his shadow through his tears

and clung to the pendulum of life.

Mephisto and angels

side by side groped inside the chaos

shared One Sleep

with the shepherds and the beasts.

Mathematical, centrifugal, metaphysical

and chemical theories merged into

Paleozoic and Cenozoic ages.

Ibis, the Pharaoh’s bird flew over

Eiffel Tower and Himalaya

Blue jade sat on the Rosetta Stone

Sciences and medicine,

were deleted from the memory of the earth

and the last man’s language changed into

foreign sounds strange to himself

as his eyes showed sheer unawareness.

It rained fire, a strange sky hung above

he tried to catch the silhouette of a mystic bird

to imitate its flight towards the swinging gardens.

He crawled into the frame

of Edward Munch’s “Scream”

hanging from the nearest tree

and screamed along with it until

he and the scream became one

until “fire and rose became one.”

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014