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Returning To My Senses @

Returning To My Senses

Of all the sorrows

and woes, there was

me and let me slip into

the pit of matters

never attended to.


A sea bird flew back

and sat on my pomegranate tree

I hesitated no more

took hold of a hand

half raised towards me

and watched from the farthest window

how winds soothed the

burning leaves


I read to the blind that river ran

blue and green on both sides

my eyes that had remained in  

the famine of the light

returned from the menace of darkness

called out to the passer- by who

stood petrified before his death

I returned and soaked my dry thoughts.


I cheered for ‘this and that’

bathed and danced in the growth of

Lotus, flower of life

remained under colors without prejudice

and lay proud under the oblivious moon


Love returned me to my senses

I have done only what I can

I wake in all the mornings of the world

become the essence of all flights

and every bird becomes me.

Mountains remain firm and tall 

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014