Remaining Unclaimed

A 6 x 8 foot- room

concrete walls- white-

narrow metal bed, no window

no pillow, a blanket 

too short to cover his feet

gray toilet bowl

dazzling florescent light

a paper bird in a cage.

11 years on death-row

11 years of waiting for “Appeal accepted’’

His last supper: a rare, bloody steak

baked potatoes, gravy sauce that smells of

methanol and ethanol

His destination: a long hallway, white,

towards death house.


His last hours: heart- beats as loud as jungle drums

his head as heavy as a tree thump

some distant screams in his ears

his eyes two black lilies

His last wishes:

“Bring me a God who does not abandon

a God who does not allow the ‘eternal wandering’

a God who does not promise paradise

for killing the ‘unfaithful’.

The hand of the clock cuts number 2AM

the needle penetrates

convulsions, resentful departure, involuntary urination

his last whisper under his  last breath:

 “You ruthless murderers”

His eyes, two black lilies.

The thick glass between the watchers

and him  solid, clear

His white fearful face a camouflage of light

He, remaining unclaimed

Silence in silence

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014