Walking With The Moon

“The majority of the poems printed in this anthology were written in Germany during the Krefeld Period.  Poems such as “Your Own Prophet”, “A Crazy Daydream”, “A Cold Wild is Blowing”, “The Longest Distance”, “In Vain”, and “Scandal” mark a radical change which has also taken place in her personal life.  A certain composure and peacefulness can be perceived in many poems, which despite all skepticism reveal the pervading optimism of the poet.  … [A] lyric-melancholic mood arises, which carries most of the poems and creates its most expressive image in the moon metaphor.  A certain nostalgia resonates and wallows its flowers, colors (purple) and natural phenomena (rain, sunsets, etc.) in a partially retrogressive yearning. Paradise is always also lying behind us.”

Excerpt from the Introduction written by Andrea Kosslowski, Editor. 

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014