And The Blue Continues

Ferestheh Sholevar’s “And the Blue Continues” is a collection of numerous poems that draw from her years of experience as a student of diverse languages and cultures. Beginning with Iran, she spent a major part of her life moving around different parts of the world in a quest of self-exploration and finding peace. This book opens with “The Wise Virgin”, a poem that rings out with intense feeling and knowledge. Sholevar makes the reader understand the kind of questions that pass through a young bride’s mind and makes the readers realize the problems faced by women in a male dominated society. This poem, however, is just one of the myriad of experiences that the collection contains. Similarly, in the poem, “But, I am Not’, the poet reaches out to those who have lost someone near and gives shape to a work of anguish, loneliness, and distress yoked with a feeling of nostalgia making the reader desire to read it again. “War” deals with the innumerable man-made conditions that have forcefully reduced men to the level of beasts by feeding on their desire to always better their fellowmen and challenge without any moral compunction even the weaker segments of society like women, children, and the elderly.

Sholevar, as can be seen from the few examples that are taken at random from this brilliant anthology, poignantly conveys life in the present day as not being victimized by unseen forces and highlights the importance of courage and fortitude in daily life.

Emiliano Martin, a Spanish poet who has already proved his skill with words and rhymes in his native language, is the translator of this collection. He beautifully brings out the subtle nuances present in Sholevar’s poetry. He effectively translates not just the word but also the spirit of the poem. This collection is a must read for everyone who believes that the human spirit prevails over seemingly insurmountable odds.

Bookwire Review
March 22, 2005

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