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I Am From Where I Am Not @

I Am From Where I Am Not

The sky and the bird are in the same place

the sky is vast, the bird is not

the bird has the ability to fly

the sky doesn’t.


The seed, the size of an eye’s iris

and the corpse are in the same place

the seed grows into immensity of green

the corpse shrinks into a worm’s belly.


I am someone from somewhere

being here doesn’t mean not being there

I’ve thought frequently

and I’ve changed occasionally

My dreams and I are not in the same place

“I am from where I am not”: 1

and it seems as if I become

someone else in a different instant.


The tree and I are in the same place

I have the ability to think

The tree doesn’t.

It grows, withers and grows again

I grow, I stop, I die.


1: Octavio Armand

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014