Far From The Trees

for Harry


Because you said these things

and because they happened to you

I stopped. I listened.

“Some are gone without a trace

some are somewhere beyond the night

The trees that we once sheltered under

or trees that we stood far from, fearing

an ambush, are now distressed

and not welcoming the green leaves.

It was then, when we saw how the spring 

suddenly packed its colors, and left.

Now the moon- bathed snow

has stripped those trees and left them distorted.

I watch from the distance( pointing to the trees)

how the bleeding sunset is mourning

for the last lingering dreams of the dead.

You see, there, we used to mark the names

of the fallen ones on the ground with our rifles.

I see the path where we once

wandered through the trees, cautiously, and

sick to stomach, waiting to be sneaked upon,

caught, or killed. You see, these spiderwebs were

woven by the lost souls.

I see some men; their blown-up intestines

hanging between branches of the trees, and

their eyes still flickering with the last sparkles.

I still hear the last screams of the crossing ones

into the dark hours.” 

Harry said no more. He sat down.  Then, the silver lead of the moon sealed his tired eyes.  

Someone with a light opened a door.

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014