Behind The Night

You may be dead

with your longings

floating in a circle.

Your last breath

may still be in the embrace         

of a soft breeze

but you may return

in the ambiguous eyes

of the night.


All your knowledge will sink

into the soil,

your stopped up desires

may linger in the sunset hours

and the flowers next to your graves

may bloom your dreams

into the midnight tree.


The evening crickets may carry

your unheard songs in their chirps

and the birds may sing your wishes

to the  wild sarsaparilla moon.


There will always be someone who

would cry pearls of sorrow for you.

Although your body may not

hold your name anymore,

your voice may sound in the soft wind

and your eyes may shine through the leaves.


And when the dark shadows come        

to console your hollow body

your soul may be awaiting

a peaceful journey

into the promised gardens of joie de vivre.

Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014