Cool Spring Farms

The farm bathing in yellow, green and dark blue
is laying carefree in patches of orange, pistachio green and
sometimes creeps under purple and lavender hues.
The lonely house, next to the tall tree. is expecting the revival
of life and sounds through the windows.
I am watching the farmhouse
I see that colors are not sorrowful
the proud eagle will be flying soon
seeds and grains will invite birds to come back
to sing to the tall tree
the harvest moon will enter this field
and sleep will always follow the cool spring.

From painting: Cool Spring farm House by: Monique Kendekian Sarkessian
Cool Spring Farms

Inspiration Delight

Standing with my eyes closed
I taste dark, red cherries on my lips
a dream of colors
falls upon me
and a feast of flowers
celebrates me in pink, orange, blue
red and yellow, too.
All the blue of the world
becomes you.
I hear you whispering on my side,
Your blue presence lays upon my skin,
your fingers plant roots of love
on my forehead,
and you become the essence of all delights
scents and colors.
I will remain as I am for as
long as I am
enchanted with you on my side.

Painting by: Monique Kendikian Sarkessian
Inspiration Delight

Maple Tree In Autumn

The lurking red-eyed sun throws autumn flames
over the maple tree,
cuts the golden leaf
and leaves the tree entangled in mourning.
Alone with naked blue and black twigs
entwines the maple tree with crimson sorrow.
Stretching its distressed arms towards the blue sky
It prays for the return of its beloved golden leaf.

From Painting: Golden fire Cut Leaf Maple Tree in Autumn By Monique Kendikian Sarkessian
Maple Tree In Autumn

Not Ashamed

Water lilies in white, pink and blue
with hearts of green and orange hues
raise their heads above shallow waters
and float  freely in fanciful colors.
With open arms gracefully
they embrace my eyes and my mind
those lilies that grow so purely
from the depth of mud,
carrying birth and beauty
inside their  large leaves
to offer life with an innocent passion.

Painting: Not Ashamed by Monique Kendikian Sarkessian 
Not Ashamed
Copyright © Fereshteh Sholevar 2014